‘Passion can be heard in every word..’ (Gaelré) – The Irish Times
5 star album (Gaelré)- The Irish News
‘Teanga na nGael is an outstanding album from a talented young singer’ – The Irish Echo
‘Stunning vocals’ – All Celtic Music
‘5 st


Robert McMillen, The Irish News, 2011

“a perfect example of the vigour that is to be found in the city’s young Irish speakers. Gráinne’s album has grown out of the elements that have made her who she is – family, community, where she’s from and the love of a Gaelic culture that goes back millennia.”

Teanga na nGael (2011)
David Kidman, The Living Tradition, 2012

“The tender lyrical beauty of Gráinne’s voice is well suited to this choice of songs, whether they take the form of lively ballads or slow airs, but there’s also an understated passion in her fresh ownership of these songs… Gráinne’s authentic yet contemporary-sounding takes on the songs come with haunting, high-quality backdrops masterminded by the album’s producer, Dónal O’Connor “

Aidan O’Hara, Irish Music Magazine, 2012

“Gráinne Holland has attempted something different in this debut CD of hers, Teanga na nGael, and, happy to say, she has succeeded. The songs are all in the Irish language, some of them familiar, but she has others that are new – at least to this writer – and that is no small contribution to making the songs of the Gael in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man more widely known.”

Daniel Neely, The Irish Echo, 2012

“Holland’s voice is charming, and she approaches her repertory with great confidence and conviction. There’s also a hipness in her music that never seems to overwhelm her traditional outlook….Ultimately, “Teanga na nGael” is an outstanding album from a talented young singer and will interest anyone who loves traditional song.”

Mike Wilson, Folking.com, 2012

“West Belfast’s Gráinne Holland bursts on to the scene with this impressive debut recording, boasting confident, avant-garde interpretations of largely traditional Gaelic songs, with a full-bodied voice that instils a rich vibrancy, and broad appeal…The triumph of this album ultimately stems from Gráinne’s vocals, though the bold arrangements and accompanying musicians add much to distinguish from more traditional offerings, showing that traditional Gaelic song can occupy a genuinely contemporary position on the musical spectrum, whilst remaining firmly in touch with its much revered origins.”

Tom Keller, FolkWorld.de, 2011

“Gráinne Holland delivers everything with dexterity and wonderful vocal abilities. Her rendition as well as the backing, kind of a Gaelic jazz singer at times, dig these songs out of the relic box and make it as up to date as can be.”

allcelticmusic.com, August 2011

Now this is a smooth Gaelic album. Really well produced and with stunning vocals, kinda ‘sultry’ if that’s allowed in Gaelic song. Gaelic jazz? Gaelic ‘pop’?
This is really so good, hard to define, but even non-Gaelic speakers should

enjoy it.
Certainly one of the best we have heard in a long time.

Seán Ó Maoilsté, Cairde Teo, December 2011
Review on Gráinne’s performance at the William Kennedy Piping Festival 2011

“Bhí an amharclann dubh le daoine agus iad uilig ar chipíní ag súil go mór le ceolchoirm speisialta gaelach. Ní raibh díomá ar a raibh i láthair nó thug Gráinne sárthaispeántas don bhua álainn atá aici, mar atá a guth binn láidir. Bhí an lucht féachana faoi gheasa ag an mheascán d’amhráin mheidhreacha agus mór-amhráin chumhachtacha na nGael a tháinig óna céad albam Teanga na nGael.”

“The theatre was packed and the anticipation was palpable as the audience awaited a very special Gaelic performance. No one was left disappointed as Gráinne gave a superb display of her beautiful talent, her sweet, strong voice. The audience was captivated during the selection of lively songs and powerful Gaelic ballads from her debut album Teanga na nGael.”

Bill Margeson

The Chicago Irish American News

“The deal is the voice. …along come women like Grainne who cut the crapola. This is a wonderful singer with a unique voice. She will be around a long, long time. And, like so many of today’s best young artists, we can’t wait to watch this young woman and where she goes in her career.”