Album Review

Gaelré is an album of exquisitely-sounding Irish traditional song and Gráinne Holland has the kind of pure, expressive, beautiful voice that sounds as if it were born to sing songs like these.

Gaelré (meaning ‘Era of the Gael’) the second studio album from Gráinne Holland, is an exquisite, progressive recording, forging new boundaries for traditional Gaelic song.

In the footsteps of Clannad and Altan before, Gaelré presents traditional Gaelic songs in a contemporary acoustic context, making songs of old accessible to fans of the modern folk era.  Gaelré, in it’s innovative approach to traditional Gaelic song is symbolic of a new generation of proud and creative Gaelic speakers who have guaranteed a place and a role for the language among all the complexities of modernity.  The album was conceived and driven by a passion to follow the highest standards in contemporary production and arrangement, allowing Gráinne to bring the charm of Gaelic song to new audiences at home and abroad.

Published by Gael Linn, the album was produced by Dónal O’Connor at Redbox studios, Belfast and features accompaniment by John McSherry, Dónal O’Connor, Neil Martin, Sean Óg Graham, Brendan Mulholland, Eamon Murray Michael Mc Cague, Micky Mc Cluskey and Conor McCreanor.